What is the meaning of ponography, effect of watching ponography

What is the meaning of ponography? In word ponography is a dangerous addictied for every human. Here has so many effect of watching ponographyIn the world is dangerous to think addicted, who can divest any people easily. Addicted can be desperate a man in a second time. But poonography is a danger addicted more than other addiction. It can destroy humanity designate thinking point and the human brain. Now it is a discussion this worldwide. It’s for Avenger in our younger’s.
Effect of watching ponography
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What is the meaning of ponography?
Pornography is a sexual subject for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. It is preventive of various types of media, book, postcard, magazine, sculpture, drawing, painting, emanation, sound recording, writing, film, video game, and photograph. This is the trump of the fact that is including an obstacle part. And the act includes live exhibition like sex show and striptease. This is the primary fact of every pornographic model. Who pays his still photograph and pornographic his called in pornography model.

Here has a various group who are not involved in any society for making sexual nature. It is immoral, addictive and noxious nature. Various groups within the society are conservative immoral addictive labeling pornography attempting is an obscenity and other law of legally. This work must be censorship and other legal restraints to publication with a display, dreading, but this pornography has a different type of definition. It’s the very easiest fact in West Country. There hasn’t any legal rope. Firstly it starts from 1969 with “War hole Blue Film”. This is the first sexual movie which displays in a theater. In the new edition of 2000 is now filling up by this pornography. They are generating billions of dollars annually. Commercial pornography is 2.5 billion dollars only for the United States. In 2006 the pornography revenue was 97 billion dollars there has thousands of performer and supported staff.

What age man addicted to pornography?

Image of pron addictor-recent world
    A recent survey we have to get this result approximately two-thirds (64%) of us man view pornography last month. The large numbers of people are Christian.
    As this result 79% man between the age of 18 and 30 view pornography
    64 % man between the ages 31 to 49 view pornography in a month.
    33% of men between age the 18 to 30 they are addicted to pornography.
    Now in the world, 21 million people addicted to pornography.

Effect of watching ponography:

Here has a huge different side effect for watching pornography to much risk for this addiction.
1.    Affect your Mind, Body, and Soul: Pornography use energy for benefit. For that reason, families feel very weak. Social science is a rope to this effect. American Sociological Association employee said that by the survey. In that time a teen who said porn video that put out a sexual partition in a family. It’s deserved your mind. For that reason, you can’t get happiness. Besides, when you watch porn you can’t give enough happiness to your wife.
2.    It is addictive:  When a man watches porn he also thing my brain. We need to survive like food. When the brain reward system is active it releases dopamine. Dopamine creates a pleasing, enjoyable sensation for that reason we have likely reaped this behavior. The reward system reacts the same way drug and other adjective substance including pornography.
3.    Its harm for a relationship: we get multiple studies to result that gives its alarming relationship. We get to focus on the family. When a man watching pornography they enjoy normal sex. They can lead to serious marital issues.
4.    Kids get an unhealthy and sex education: in the world, unfortunately, kid and teenager have easy to access pornography. One study found that 94persen children exposed by pornography. Some of the children said that we are begun when we see pornography video. He also said one of my friend he was seen.
5.    It causes the feeling of lowliness: when you saw a porn video. Is It release dopamine? While the dopamine release pornography creating lowliness. After passing time it can be increased. When a man watches a porn video he also wants to take this event secret. For that rejection hurt of various other reasons. When a pornography watcher thinking about he also feel depressed, shame, embarrassment, and others. Pornography isn’t something that should be handling alone.