Take your destiny in your own hands

Take your destiny in your own hands. In the twentieth-century polio industrial country human face some of the dangerous illness. That are damage thousands of children. In that time it hadn’t any solution. And people believe that is god wishes. Actually, when we can’t make a sense logically of a part, we are continuing that our destiny. It’s a standard point but it can make weak of our mind.

ake your destiny in your own hands
Make your destiny with your own hand

Then a development country thinking about this problem. And it’s so much problem. Then in around countries start the immunization program. The 1988 year children suffering by polio at 350000. The 2013 year it decreases and a number of suffering children 406. 2012 in mid time India got polio-free country.

Make your destiny
As a man, we should need to change around the environment by his own wisdom. But we saw difficulty. Around environment change our situation. In fact, as you know it only for you it has accentuation step by step. Your body makes by eating since earlier. Your mind builds up since earlier by your five sense. You can build it but you can’t be you. So who you are? Yet to come to your face actually you are handling your destiny. If you can control your body you can control destiny up to 15-20%. If you can control your mind you can win to control 50-60%. If you can control your life energy you can achieve to success 100 percent. Take your destiny on your own hand meaning that’s not as you want in your outside. Outside doesn’t continue with your wishes. Own create destiny mean as struggle your face you can control easily.

Your life has a different problem. That is published by anger, fear, anxiety, and stress. Because you’re basic faculties as health and life energy control his own wisdom. Why you feel anger, fear, anxiety, stress, you should be seeing your inside. If you want to peace you have to concrete yourself. As you forget when you feel sick you have to eat medicine. If you feel hungry you have to be eaten. So all right of you. But at this point understand a man take to time its whole life.
Ones upon a time in winter a man going to outside handing fish. When this time at 10:00 AM. You know that though fish is not easy work. After passing time at 4:00 he doesn’t get any fish. And in that time a younger come to the point. He bears a boom box. As it so much louder. He seated nearby old man for hunting fish. Beside boom box continuing music. The old man looked younger and he was said that downplay as “I wait of from in the morning, I don't get any fish, he was coming and playing music he can get fish as in evening time. He is a bloody fool. After 10 minutes younger get a big fish. The old man thought that is his destiny. The second 10 minutes he got one more big fish. Old man can’t ignore in this matter. He got so much surprise. Then third-time younger get 3rd fish. He can’t believe this matter. Like that time he was going to nearby younger and said that “I wait since the morning but I don’t have any fish. But you get 3 fish in half an hour. What is the matter? Younger said Ru Ra Ra Ru Rum Rum. The old man doesn’t understand. The old man re said what are you talked about? Then younger said repeat. The oldest said that I don’t understand your language. Then younger said clearly “you have to keep up fish bees so hot”.
ake your destiny in your own hands

Unless you do the right thing. The right thinks will not happen. Standard and agreement just socialism. You can think you are a good man but if you aren't given water in your flower garden, are you get the flower? So if you want a good result you have to be the right work.  Only that time your density control of 100 percent of your hand.