Doctor Devi Setty hospital, His General Advice As You Should Know

Today anybody hasn't there doesn't know about Dr Devi Setty. He also won lac of heart by doing heart operation. Devi settee was born in the idea at Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka, India. When he was read medical five great in that time South African surgeon success in heart operation. That time Devi Setty had to decide to build a career by the cardiac surgeon. 1991 he had the first operation and he got a big success. And it's a piece of surprising news. The boys are 9 years old.  He had personally appointed for Mother Teresa. After a few days, he has shift bang lore. And he had established Manipal hospital. Now that time he has to be 15000 cardiac surgeons.
Doctor Devi Setty

Devi Setty is one of a person on 10 in this world. And the number one Cardiac surgeon specialist in India. This is my opinion. For this opinion has a big logic. When he gives treatment he wants to know about this patient guidance, are you capable to bear this operation cost? If he isn't able to pay maximum, he also tries to be the best one for him. Surely other nine-person doesn't want to know patient guidance economical capabilities.
Once upon a day, Devi Setty had a child complicated open heart surgery. In that time his personal assistant come to the operation theater and said that "PM has to be phone call" he also said PM want to describe a complicated. Doctor Devi Setty was sawed if he has to leave these children can't get best of them. For this reason, he said please say pm I will back after 1 hour. Actually, pm will back after 1hour.

Devi Setty was completed his medical graduate in Kasturba medical college. Next, he was completed post-graduate from England. 1989 he has to leave England and come back to India. Then he established with Mr. Ray a heart Hospital as it BM Birola heart research center. But India has to be face heart problem than England. For this reason, one hospital hasn't enough. Then doctor Debi settee and doctor ray were building another three heart hospital. After someday, BM Birla hospital get more popularity in India. 1997 doctor Devi Setty already success 4000 children heart surgery. He has to be trained by London guide hospital. For this reason, his friend calls him an operating machine.
Doctor Devi Setty

When Mother Teresa was appointed doctor Devi Setty he also increases his health. One day he was sawing doctor had experiment be careless of a blue baby. Some minutes he was sawing this and said I had understood that's why you here now. You have to come with Allah permission to giving peace of heart patient. A praise doctor getting this praise is better than others. After heart open surgery when children have to be going his parents in that time Devi Setty has to be falling some greatest.

Doctor Devi have to saw a dream for his sick parents. His father is a diabetes patient. When increase diabetes his father has to be senseless. For this time doctor treatment is so much helpful. Devi Setty has to be 4000 children heart surgery in 1997 April. Their maximum is poor family and doctor give them free treatment.  His Narayana hospital banglore gives child service other hands has to be looked as anybody doesn't go within treatment for economic capabilities. Now a day doctor hears patient economic condition and gives discount up to 25000 to 150000. Here has free seat for poor patient and days Labour.
Q: How can people who are not expert in heart disease take care of the heart?
Devi Setty: 1. be aware of food. Eat less sugar and fatty foods. And you have to increase the amount of protein.
2. Walk for half an hour at least five days a week. To avoid the lift in the lift. Cannot sit continuously for a long time.
3. You have to quit smoking.
4. Weight should be kept under control.
5. Blood pressure and Sugar should be kept in control.
Q: Is eating non-vegetarian food (like fish) useful for a heart?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: Sometimes it is heard that a healthy person is suffering from heart disease, which is very sad. How do you see this matter?
Devi Setty: It says a silent attack. That's why thirteen people should regularly check their health.
Defense: Can people succumb to heart disease?
Devi Setty: Yes.
Q: Why is the pressure on the heart? What is the way to overcome it?
Devi Setty: Every aspect of life has to be changed. There is no reason to think that everything will be perfect in life.
Q: What is going on than jogging? Or is it harder to take care of heart problems?
Devi Setty: Yes, walking is better than jogging. When jogging, people get tired and joints are painful.
Q: You have done a lot for the poor and needy. What was the motivation behind these?
Devi Setty: Mother Teresa He was my patient.
Q: Those who suffer from low blood pressure, can they be affected by heart disease?
Devi Setty: It will be very rare.
Q: Do cholesterol levels increase from an early age? Or should we be worried about it after thirty?
Devi Setty: No, cholesterol levels gradually increased since childhood.
Q: How do irregular eating habits affect the heart?
Devi Setty: Irregular eating habits push people into junk food. And then only the enzymes used for digestion are hesitant.
Q: How can cholesterol be controlled without medication?
Devi Setty: Controlled eating habits, walking and eating of walnuts.
Q: Which is the best and the worst food for the heart?
Devi Setty: Fruits and vegetables are the best food. And the worst oily food.
Q: Which oil is good? Surja Mukhi or olive?
Devi Setty: Any oil is bad.
Q: Do you have any specific tests for regular health checkup?
Devi Setty: Regular blood tests should be sure about the normal levels of sugar and cholesterol. Moreover, blood pressure measurements are also important.
Q: What are the primary steps to be taken if you have a heart attack?
Devi Setty: The patient must first lie down. Then put an aspirin tablet under the tongue. If available, aspirin should be kept as well as a universal tablet. Then there will be arrangements to take the hospital quickly. Because in the first hour, the biggest damage.
Q: How can you differentiate between cardiovascular pain and gastric pain?
Devi Setty: Without ECG it is really very difficult.
Q: What is the cause of excessive heart problems among young people?
Devi Setty: Sitting continuously for a long time, smoking and junk food. Besides, it is also a major reason not to exercise. Genetically caused people of some countries are more likely to have three times higher heart rate than European and American.
Q: Can anyone be completely healthy even if the normal level of blood pressure (120/80) is not?
Devi Setty: Yes.
Q: If you get married in close relatives, your child may get heart disease - is it true?
Devi Setty: Yes. Marriage between close relatives gives birth to abnormalities.
Q: Most people follow unregulated routines. Sometimes people have to stay in office for many nights. Is it heart damage? If so, what action can be taken in this case?
Devi Setty: In young age, nature protects people from the harmful effects of such an uncontrolled life. But as the age increases, be aware of these issues.
Defense: Are there any other complications when taking anti-hypertensive drugs?
Devi Setty: Yes, most of the medicines have some side effects. But modern anti-hypertensive drugs are very safe.
Q: excess tea or coffee can be a heart attack?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: Is asthma patients more likely to be affected by heart disease?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: How do you define junk food?
Devi Setty: Any kind of fried food such as Kentucky, McDonald's, Samucha. Even Masala Dosa Junk Food
Q: In your opinion, Indians are three times more likely to get heart disease. What is the reason?
Devi Setty: Every nation in the world is more likely to be infected with certain diseases. Sadly, as a nation, Indians are more likely to be infected with the most serious diseases.
Q: Can you eat banana high blood pressure?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: Can one take the first step by itself if a heart attack?
Devi Setty: Of course. He must first lie down and put an aspirin tablet under the tongue. Then someone in the neighborhood will have to say that he is taken to the hospital. I think it's not okay to wait for the ambulance. Because in most cases the ambulance does not appear in time.
Q: can there be heart disease if white blood cells and hemoglobin levels decrease?
Devi Setty: No. But it is important to have normal hemoglobin levels for regular exercise.
Q: Because of our busy living, it is not possible to exercise a lot. What can be the option of walking or walking in the normal working hours of the house?
Devi Setty: Of course. Sitting for more than half an hour continuously, we have to leave. Even sitting from one chair to another chair is very helpful for the body.
Q: Do you have any relation with heart and blood sugar amount?
Devi Setty: There's a deep connection. Diabetes patients are more likely to get heart disease.
Q: What precautions should be taken after heart surgery?
Devi Setty: Moderate eating habits, exercises, eating regular medicines, controlling cholesterol levels. Besides, blood pressure and weight should also be controlled.
Q: Do people who work at night shift more likely to be affected by heart disease?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?
Devi Setty: There are many medicines. It is important to consult the doctor in this case. But my advice is to control the blood pressure in the normal way to avoid medication. And that's why it's important to change regularly walking, losing weight and eating the attitude towards living.
Q: Does Dissociative or Drug-Friendly Tablet Really Increase the Chances of Heart Disease?
Devi Setty: No.
Q: Why are boys more affected than a heart attack?
Devi Setty: Nature gives women protection for 45 years.
Q: What is the way to keep the heart healthy?
Devi Setty: To eat healthy food. Avoid junk food and smoking. Exercise every day. If the age is 30, then regular health checks will be done. At least once every six months will have to check for health.

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