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what is digital marketing process? Digital marketing process is a fact that can be help achieve your marketing strategy. How can a internet marketing agency work for market success? At the moment, most of the time we hear most of the words that are digital marketing. But many of us may not know what this digital marketing is, so we need to say that someone has to be small, so if someone starts saying then I'm going to cross it. There are not many articles online, but there is no explanation solution, no article has been written in detail, so we can understand the real concept. I will try this article to highlight the whole of digital marketing.
Digital marketing process
Digital Marketing
What is marketing?
Speaking of marketing usually refers to promotion campaigns. Marketing is the process of creating a market for the promotion of new or old products campaign. Marketing is the job of creating a desired buyer of the product by promoting a product or service. The first problem that comes in front of a commodity is to find the right customers of that product. And they chose the best way to find this customer. Television, radio, newspaper etc. But nowadays, the most popular medium of this medium is Internet-based marketing, which is named Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing process?
Internet or digital marketing is what is meant by making marketing activities through the internet. Internet Marketing is one of the most popular means of television, radio, newspaper, and smartphones and computers or laptops, in the simplest sense, Internet marketing is a product or service that is marketed by using digital technology or marketing of any product or service using the Internet service. And one of the two things is the Internet.
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Digital Marketer
And this internet is the main working medium of current time marketing. Due to the availability of the internet, digital marketing is becoming more effective than analog marketing day by day. The more people are falling in the way of technology, increasing the area of ​​internet marketing is increasing.
It is easier to understand why its demand is increasing. Before that, we got a little idea about the background of Bangladesh. In the world where 32 billion people now use the Internet, more than 8 million people of 16 million people in Bangladesh are now using the internet. Facebook's user access to popular media with ARI is about 30 million. Where in 2015 total internet users were only 5 million Facebook users were 1.7 million in 2015? It is easy to guess why digital marketing is becoming so popular day by day.
The simplest thing - suppose you will advertise a product television, for this you will read a great amount of money but you can not understand how many of your customers saw this ad. On the other hand, by using 1% of this amount, you can advertise better online and the number of subscribers who see your ad in this and will also be available and you will easily find it.
There are more benefits, the product that you will advertise on the radio is the smartwatch of men. In this case, 80% of your customers are your customers and the rest 20% of your customers can be your customer's Wife, father, mother or sister. In this case, if you advertise on television, then how many men will see your ad? It is a matter of concern, because the current topic of television is the advert that we are currently adapting to, the result of which is not the result of your advertisement, and it is much less than that. You are not getting the results according to your needs, but your advertising budget is increasing.
Now let's see if you have left analog marketing in digital marketing, then you have got a profit.
We catch Facebook media.
Here you will be able to easily reach your targeted customer with the help of a digital marketer. Of course, your targeted customers are 18 to 45 years of age, only those who use a smartwatch, then those who are only in Dhaka or those who work in the bank or who are studying in the university will be able to promote the ad. And this is possible by Digital Marketing, a digital marketer. If you want, you can only show this ad to the watch user and it is possible here. Oh, this is the only thing you can do on the television advert only about 10 percent.

The difference between marketing and digital marketing

After reading the above-mentioned issues, I do not think there is a need to make a difference in this matter. Then we highlighted some major differences.
1. On the other hand, marketing of commodity marketing through marketing, advertising, leaflets, leaflets, festoons, leaflets, radio, newspapers etc, digital advertising is a means of reaching customers to digital advertising.
2. The amount of money in analog marketing is much higher and the results are much lower whereas results in digital marketing are much higher than the cost.
3. No complete data is available for the results of the ads in analog marketing, but it is possible to get complete data in digital marketing.
4. Advertising is not possible for targeted customers through analog marketing, but digital marketing is possible to advertise to targeted customers.
5. The marketing medium in analog marketing is much less and now its functionality is far less on the medium of digital marketing and much more and the acceptability and much more. There are also systems to advertise on different systems.
Digital Media of Digital Marketing

There are various media for marketing in digital marketing. At this stage, we will briefly discuss the marketing of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization
At present, one of the most popular words in digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Generally, search engine optimization means that search engine optimization refers to the importance of search engines to highlight a website in a particular search engine or to have a site. Based on this SEO, how fast your site will appear in the search engine. And if you do not find your site in the search engines, it is worthless to market your marketing or to do your site. A customer will not come to your site to buy a product or service, take the service or product that will come in the search engines and search the product in the search engine name and search the site or site to ensure that the search engine job.
SEO has a significant role in product marketing in this competitive market. Through SEO, you can easily bring your product to the top of Google's search, thereby increasing the sales of your product, because at present people are using search engines before buying something. In this case, if you want to know your product well in search engines, your product sales will increase. The most important thing in the case of SEO is the right keyword research. The success of your search engine marketing depends on this keyword. SEO is usually made in 2 ways, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. There is no SEO option for you to come to the search engine or to promote your website. You must be contacted by an SEO firm. If you come to Digital Marketing, it will be best to make your SEO first.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Paid marketing in search engines is simply searched engine marketing. It can be called digital marketing of paid media. Here you can pay your site up to the search engine. It has 3 ways that Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impressions. Anyone of these can depend on your business organization. SEO is made up of various platforms, in which Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo network are the most popular. SEO is also used for search, mobile marketing, re-marketing. Search Engine Marketing is the most affordable online marketing of online marketing, which can increase your return on investment.

Creating content
Presently the content is the easiest and popular medium to bring your website quickly to search engines. The name of a part of digital marketing is the most demanding and important content creation. In any post or forum post online if you use keywords on your site, then the search engine will rank your site and your customer will find you easily. The more you update your content, the more your site's rank will grow. Depending on your site, you need to research your keywords and select the correct keyword accordingly. Your keywords will increase your site popularity as well as you use in your content. With your beautiful content, you can easily create your position in search engines. You have to always concentrate on creating unique content. The more unique your content will be to increase the value of your content. And stay away from copy content. Create an effective strategy for your readers and make them interested in more information from you. Create content for your business branding.

Social Media Marketing
There is no better way to promote your business. You will be able to run the basic campaign in this medium without any risk. Here you can create an active page, group, community from some active accounts. Where you can promote your product detail. Add your targeted customers to the community and regularly post or comment about your product related questions, answers, benefits, requirements etc. Try to keep the community active from active in the community. Use your social media pages or group links as signatures for sending emails. Add social media like button to post on your own website or any blog site. Use management tools to actively participate in all social media. Make your own comedy in every social media. Post helpful profiles as well as promote their own exposure. This will increase the popularity of your group.


The latest development in digital marketing is marketing start-up, re-marketing. Re-marketing is a strategy where customers have already shown interest in your business and they are included as targets on your list. You can market them at this level. You can also use re-marketing on your social network or mobile site. Re marketing is an advanced technology that allows you to market your service or product to your main targeted customer and it is the most effective marketing method.

Mobile Marketing
Marketing is done through digital marketing, SMS marketing, MMS marketing, Bluetooth marketing, infrared marketing, and we are called mobile marketing. And among these "SMS FOR MOBILE" marketing method is most important. You can send customers by creating small SMS about any information, disk, etc., of your product, it helps to create your new customer.

Viral marketing
Depending on the success of your business organization, viral marketing, and content. Your beautiful content will help you with viral marketing. At present, digital marketers are using the most in digital marketing, viral marketing start-up. If you can somehow make a post or content viral, then you will not need to promote that content further. People will spread the content like viruses everywhere. So always try to create viral content so your marketing will be very easy. After creating and publishing these types of content, your work is to monitor all the social media, including Insights or Analytics, on Facebook, YouTube, so you can learn how well a content performer is doing or not because of the problem. To create viral content, keep an eye on captions, postings, preview images, etc.

Email marketing
When a message is sent to the customers via email, it is called email marketing. With e-mail marketing software you can easily maintain an e-mail list based on different factors, including customer preferences and dislikes and cost practices. With e-mail marketing, you can promote your product or service online to subscribers and also promote your site. With email marketing, you can easily convey your product information to your customers. The standard means of digital marketing is e-mail marketing. It is more popular than in our country.
For e-mail marketing, get email addresses of people from different age groups or categories, research the product that you want to market, research the same products of other companies, and research their marketing strategies, the best way to describe your product quality in your mail. Please. You need a website, marketing tools for email marketing. Then start e-mail marketing. Just by email marketing, you'll be able to highlight your product or service to thousands of customers.

Affiliate Marketing
When you manually sell your service or product commission on your own site or elsewhere, it means affiliate marketing. In exchange for easy commissions, other marketing is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires patience because here you cannot do too much overnight. Here, they can be successful who can work patiently. Affiliate Marketing is a modern marketing system of digital marketing, where companies are very cleverly promoting themselves with a lot of freebies.

Video marketing
The most important marketing media of today is Video Marketing or YouTube marketing. Currently, the most effective media in digital marketing is Video Marketing. The greater the availability of the Internet, the greater the effectiveness of video marketing. You can easily promote your company or website by making a video viral easy.
You can create a video and give it to various video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Rev. etc. Your video will spread everywhere and visitors to the website will grow.
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