How can I improve my kidney function naturally? It’s secrets

How can I improve my kidney function naturally? It’s secrets! This is thing that are good for your kidneys. You should know which foods to avoid with kidney disease.  A kidney disease treatment is most important for alive in world. Its very dangerous as chronic kidney disease symptoms.  A kidney is the most important part of your body. It damaged your body silently. If it will not complicated it doesn’t out of this symptom of kidney disease. Here I present 6 symptoms for kidney disease.
how can i improve my kidney function naturally
Picture of kidney disease

  • *     Urine changes: urine changes is one of the big symptoms. If you face kidney problem urine must be increase or decrease. Actually problem increase of midnight. Urine color had been deep. Sometime you will feel so much pressure of urine but doesn’t get up out of site.
  • *     Urine pain and come out blood: urine pain and blood come out is one of big symptom for kidney disease. Actually, when your urine comes out you will feel so much pain, frying, and its urinary tract infection symptom. When it passes around of kidney you must be feeling fever and you will feel back bone pain. When you will urine if come out blood. It’s very dangers thing . If you feel this problem please contact an immediate doctor. Its most important kidney disease symptom.
  • *     Body swelling and your attraction: kidney help to come out dust and over the water of your body. When you will attack by kidney disease,you feel kidney  diease symptom but kidney can’t come out this over water. Overwater is the reason of body swelling. Kidney problem decrease lohita blood cell of your body. For that reason, the brain feels internal oxygen fact on your work.
  • *     You will feel cool and skin will be rash: for kidney disease, you will feel cool in summer time. Kidney disease is the reason for fever. If your kidney doesn’t work dust will increase your blood cell. For that reason, skin makes rash and allergenic.
  • *      You feel vomiting and increase backbone pain: for kidney, problem blood will decrease with dust for that reason you will be feel vomiting. Kidney problem lungs feel by over water. And decrease blood cell. In that time you will be feel breathing. So you will get small breathing. You have to feel backbone pain in down site. Its most important symptom for kidney disease.
  • If you want to know more about symptom for kidney disease visit this kidney disease 
The way to keep kidney speed and strength:
1. Without drinking a glass of water at one time, you have to drink a few pounds of water slowly. If you drink at one time, there is a lot of pressure on the kidneys.

2. Vitamin D is produced by a chemical reaction in the skin cells when the sunlight is directly on the body. Vitamin D increases the immunity of the body, helps in preventing cancer, preventing cancer, and maintains phosphorus and calcium levels in the body which is a great need for kidneys. If you have only 15 minutes of sunshine all day, you will get the needed vitamins and you will get rid of kidney extra work. Due to decreasing vitamin D levels, there may be many diseases, including kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

 3. Vegetables and fruit juices help to keep the kidneys active and when the body gets sick, then the body gets better by drinking fruit juice. Fruit juice contains watermelon, jam, karma ca, celery parcels, cucumbers, carrots, and bits. There are no catch barrier rules for fruit juices. Fruit or vegetables can be eaten when you are happy. But it cannot be eaten properly. Mix 50 percent juice and 50 percent water in fruit or vegetable juice. If the amount of potassium is high in blood, then potassium-rich fruit will be eaten at a limited level.

4. Regular exercise, acupressure or walking aloud every day is essential for keeping the body healthy. Exercise and Acupressure Only kidneys are good and there are other benefits such as:

    Blood sugar is in control.
    Hypertension is normal.
    Cholesterol reduces.
    Blood circulation increases speed.
    The body watering capacity is normal.
    Weight is in control.
    Tensionless and mood swings.
    Increases the resistance of the disease.

Exercise is not just walking, there are many more exercises. For example, swimming, running, running fast For example tennis, badminton, dance, cycling etc. Acupressure will be done to know the specific points at certain times.

One should remember that if you enjoy joy at any exercise, it will be beneficial for both mind and body. To keep the body healthy, it is enough to exercise or walk in the middle of every 30-60 minutes a day, 4 days a week. In any case, such exercises cannot be done so that your hopper gets tired. Kidney Creatinine can be increased in such a tough exercise.

5. Diabetes is one of the main causes of kidney failure. Of course, the amount of sugar in the kidneys to keep kidney or kidney disease must be kept in control. Anyway, if you cannot control diabetes, then the kidneys will go bad.

6. Hypertension is also considered as another cause. Kidney purifies approximately 150-180 liters of blood daily. If the blood pressure is high, kidney activities increase excess. Regardless of whether it is natural or allopathic, blood pressure should be controlled through treatment.

The rules for keeping and cleaning kidneys are:
If food is cows, goats, poultry meat and fish every day on the food list, then kidney pressure is needed to filter the food waste. If this pressure is given regularly, kidney disease may become weak or may increase in size at one time. To get rid of this and to keep kidney health healthy, add vegetables, fruits, and fresh salad to the food menu. Vegetables and fruits have natural ingredients to clean kidneys. Notable among the vegetables and fruit cleansing of kidneys -

Fruits: Dry Fruits
(Almond) Playing nuts and chilgoza will weaken kidneys.

Fresh fruit
Ø  Regular dragon fruit juice will be weakened by weak kidneys.
Ø  Mango is very beneficial for kidneys. Kidney will never be weakened by eating a mango.
Ø  Kidney stones are released after playing 60 to 100 grams of pineapple pineapples in an empty stomach every day.
Ø  Chunky water can increase kidney function.
Ø  200 ml water in one tablespoon of semi-broken watermelon, boil 10 minutes, cooling the water after three days of the day after three days the kidneys will be clean.
Ø  One tablespoon of lemon juice in one cup of hot water mixed with a teaspoon of honey and drinking regularly before breakfast can be found in two weeks.
Ø  Eat black tea (without milk sugar) in the morning alone.

How can i improve my kidney function naturally
kidney acupressure point

** body weight as much as ounce water every day is needed. For example, body weight 80 kg of water needs 80 ounces = 8-10 glasses.
The way to keep kidney healthy through acupressure.
Maintaining a healthy kidney through acupressure is an effective natural procedure. The acupressure can be cured by kidney disease by complex and difficult diseases. It is necessary to know the health rules and to know the points of acupressure. It is possible to treat yourself in this case but if experienced acupressure takes therapies then you will get faster results. However, if the condition of acupressure of kidneys is healthy, it is not possible to get sick.
In order to treat kidneys by the acupressure, it is important to do two things in order to get the kidneys to be effective.
Ø  Black tea should be eaten black tea in the morning every morning, the black rule is to make a cup of water in half cup of water with half cup of tea, add half a cup of water to it. No milk, sugar, honey can be used in this tea. This tea will be very tasty. Often may be nausea. There is nothing to fear, it will be okay after some time. If you drink tea playing regularly for two weeks, then the kidney will become operational.
Ø  Silver water: 60 grams of pure silver, eight glasses of water should be reduced to two glasses. You should drink this silver water all day, after drinking this water for four weeks, kidney function will return and the disease will recover through acupressure.
how to improve kidney health naturally
Image of Kidney Diseases
According to the chart given in the figure, every quarter will be pressed for two hundred times daily in three stomach empty stomachs. In this kidney disease can be naturally cured and will remain healthy and must be followed by dietary restrictions and will be removed from the salt food list. Acupressure has many prerequisites for kidney health. In this treatment, the kidneys keep the kidneys healthy without any medication. To keep the kidneys healthy, you have to do regular acupressure. It does not need to dialysis any type of diabetes. And patients of complex and difficult kidneys will be cured without natural side effects. If you want to know more going on