Samsung wants to give a surprise

After something eaten they all feel touchy different. Like they don’t go and doesn’t enter. And it’s so far to pick up a hand. That is a different environment. Other side presenters stand on the stage and he was so excited. He was told a feature by his own voice and he takes an intermission. As he was waiting for they are picked up their hand. But their unsmart people just stop and watch it. They are doesn’t put up their hand. The stage had to be clap popularity. As like who can put hand for his drama is better than second man last Thursday Bangladesh time night 1:00 AM this program started. It’s function of ‘’Galaxy Unpacked 2019’’.
Samsung Foldable Handset

 This is innovation for grant opening a new phone of Samsung brand. It’s live streamed on YouTube channel. The stage is so much are and people are packed. As if this function is not to be great. I mean this function presenter doesn’t get the interesting clap. Because this news publishes have to before announce. This second fact is so much strength and it’s main. Now Smartphone new feature can’t give previous interesting point. But this Samsung gives their identity by their performance. After four editions they are take up market ‘’Galaxy S10’’.Galaxy fold announces their foldable screen smartphone. Besides, they are entering new edition smart watch and without cable earphone. Now we are talking about these two topics.
Samsung Smart Watch
They are announcing besides smartphone as a smartwatch and without cable earphone.

Foldable screen galaxy smartphone:
Someday ago Samsung announces their foldable screen Smartphone. Now they are just announced market inter time. It’s a folding phone like another smartphone screen as same 4.6 inches. When you are folding, it’s 7.0 inch and a tablet computer. For that device, Dj Cohe said that we are adding a new lesson on the mobile phone part.  Smartphone are upcoming in April mid-time. The 2011 year Samsung give a fold bold phone demo. After a long time now it’s your hand. By this phone, Samsung wants to give a surprise. Whatever they are failed. But the price is so much interesting as it one thousand nine hundred eighty only. 

Galaxy S10 A Five-G:
Now the galaxy has to be over 10 years. It starts with the Galaxy S Smartphone.  Information of Technology and mobile communication head DJ COHO said its 10-year galaxy give 200 core new device on people hand. He was said Galaxy S 10 is better than other. After three editions they are announced in the market galaxy S 10 Galaxy S 10 (Start from 900 dollars), Galaxy S 10 Plus (Start from 1000 dollar) and Galaxy S 10 E (Start from 750 dollars). It takes an order at 7 marches. Then next they are giving this phone on their client. And Marking Mobile network service provider Verizon's five edition and Five-G networks mobile Galaxy S 10 Five-G get on the market in the first period of the year.