India Pakistan strike who is the strongest ?

After the Balakot strike by IAF border, the tension between India and Pakistan has escalated. The Indian pillion Avinandon is now Pakistan custody. They are lost each site an aircraft. Another side prime minister said India will not be intimidated by our enemies. India will fight as one, win as one”. It’s a very danger to think and a big issue in the world. Pakistan India strike cross has to be a higher rank. It's getting very excited for the second time. Today Pakistan pm speech and India PM speech give a new turn for this battle. Anybody doesn’t want to war. They are wanting to peace. But yesterday India IFA war aircraft passing their limit and they are over cross Pakistan air position. They are keeping up a strike and shout down two planes. 
kashmir attack

27 February India had a strike their say they also killed by plane mission at 300 terrorism. But Pakistan doesn’t believe that. Indian has come out this raid Pakistan week after a suicide attack in the disputed Kashmir region. It’s a rising fear of a war between nuclear-armed and South Asian nation. In this mission, Pakistan kills 42 Indian paramilitary personnel by this group Jaish e Mohammad (JeM) 
 Narendra Modi said that ‘’ their soldier can any action for this week worst attack. It's a rival has gone to war twice independence in 1947 from Britain. Here is having their military stack- up.  
kashmir Attack

In this excitement increase by over time as we get some cooperating point as look military budget, nuclear capabilities, army, air force and navy of the South Asian rivals.

Military Budget:
 last year Pakistan spend 1.26 trillion Pakistan rupees ($11bn) about 3.6 percent of G.D.P on it, 653800 troops. It has also created 100 million foreign military assistance. Another side Indian accolade 4 trillion rupees ($58BN) or 2.1 percent gross democratic product. To support for that reason 1.4 million active troops. 
pakistan india strike

Between 1993 and 2006, 20 percent of Annual government expenditure was spent on the military of Pakistan accounted. Government  16.7 percent of spends in 2017. 
But Indian it under 12 percent and it was 9.1 percent in 2017.

Missiles and nuclear weapon: 
Some nations have a ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear. Indian as huge of the missile as Agnee-3, fang 3000km to 5000km. Pakistan missile program builds with Chinese assistance. Including any short-medium ranch weapons the part of better than Indian. 

India has 1.2 million strongest armies. Here supported by more than 3565 battle tanks, 3100 infantry fighting vehicles, 336 armored personal careers and 9719 pcs artillery. 
Pakistan army is smaller with 560000 troops backed by 2496 tanks, 1605 armored personnel carrier, and 4472 artillery gun. Including 375 self-propelled howitzers. 

Air force
 India has 127200 personnel and 814 combat aircraft. The Indian air force is substantially larger but they are concerns about the jet fleet. Indian defense plane requires 42 squadrons of jet about 75- aircraft Chinese origin F-7pg and America F-16 fighting falcon jet. 

 India navy consist of one aircraft carries. 16 submarines, 14 destroy 13 frigates, 106 patrols coastal and 75 combat cables. It has 67700 personnel including marine. 
Pakistan which has significant smaller coasting has 9 frigates, 8 submarines, 17 petrol, and coastal vessels and 8 combat capable aircraft.