Dhaka is now stopping with mourning

Last night 20 Sunday they are two friends comes their own home at the same to be the previous day. But an explosion changes their lives forever. One of them passed the last of
Chawkbazar tragedy  
the life in agony. And others left with a horrific memory that we hunt him forever.

Businessman Saiful Islam and Mosharrof Hossain a shoe trader were riding a rickshaw on their way home around 10:45 PM last night. And they are stranded at the Churihatta intersection in the capital of Chawkbazar for heavy traffic congestion. A huge explosion ripped through the spot all of sudden for that cause of massive inferno at a five-story building here.

The fire left Mosharrof and the rickshaw puller dead on the spot while Saiful luckily survives the blaze with little injury. Saiful said that ‘’I heard huge explosion fell fact on this road. In a second time, the fire was rushing toward from a nearby building.

Chawkbazar tragedy  

When explosion into the Chawkbazar I can stay here but in beside helping give me a safe life. They again said but my friend can’t run out of these. After all, I get some injuries in my leg and head. But I know heard news of my fried bad luck Mosharrof. We are a friend of 25 years before.

I think guilty that might have to save my friend. If I had rescued him and admit in a hospital I think he can alive. But the massive inferno all over the street burning took away my sense. I found my friend in hospital but he wasn’t alive. He left us for good.

A mother, Who was desperately searching her 12 years boy Jishan. Who come from Rayer Bazaar. He comes to meet with brother in law. Who worked at a factory in Hazi Wahid Mansion.

Jasmine water has to be a trace of his son at     DMCH morgue. I don’t know as he comes here. But when the fire broke and he didn’t reach home. I called his friend to know his whereabouts and they told me that he comes here. He was wearing pajama- Panjabi in ash color.

Chawkbazar Tragedy  

Here we get a huge cried voice. They are wanted to back their loving person. But for that luck isn’t forever. Please, Allah, give their losing servant power energy.

What causes the fire?
Some of the people said that has come from the chemical industry. But the minister doesn’t believe this passion. Because there has a different opinion, as industry minister said ‘’ it’s main cause for a gas cylinder. Here has a microbus that has a gas cylinder. It does have to be blast and explosion on the air.

But the end of the point hare has a huge chemical factory that is a very dangerous point and thinking fact.