How to earn money from facebook without investment?

Are you know how to ear money from Facebook without investment? this is the easy way to make money of fb page by serving ads. Facebook is the most popular social media that create refer to his site for passive income. In the world, very interesting in this Facebook business. In the world, a huge number of people creating video and upload Facebook and make passive income. It's a great Facebook business.
how to earn money from facebook without investment
Image of earn money by facebook- recent world

In the world 32 countries, the user gets these facilities. It is the road of "Ad Breaks" Here I will describe how to make money by Facebook page and ads breaks. And now

What is ad Breaks? how much to spend on facebook ads?

  • Ad breaks are short ads. Mind if you are watching a video on Facebook. It mid-time comes up an ad it like 10-15 second long. Other hands an ad showdown a video and they recommend downloading these apps with their ads. Facebook gives of their income 55 percents of video publisher account. Now it gives faculties only bangle and English language publishing video.

How to get your ads to make money on the Facebook page:
If you want to make money on Facebook you will have to create a Facebook page. That is the main trump for the Facebook business. For ads break approve you have to follow four-step as

  • Here need must be minimum like 10000 on this Facebook page. 
  • At last 60 day will have to view 1 minute's length on a video. 
  • This video need to must be view 30000 
  • Need to create 3 minutes length video

If you follow all over the structure, you can growth easily Facebook income and business.

How to continue ads breaks to make money on the Facebook page:
In continuing Facebook ads on a video you will have visit ( -ad-breaks). Please present your site for research. If you are selected you have to follow the next step. Then next please apply for continues ads breaks. If everything is ok in some of the hour's Facebook give an update.

As process are you attaching ad break on a video:
In a Facebook page, we are upload how many writing picture and video with a different type of content. If you want to see a description on content, it can be found of Facebook creator studio. When you upload your video on face book ( creator studio, you have to elect your add. In that time you will see the auto type and other manually. Auto type gives their ad on your Facebook page by describe page balance.

When you choose you can select it 60 to 120 second. But when you want to attach ads on your previous video, you have to go edit option and go to right option then select ad breaks.

Attach ad breaks in Facebook live video:
In Facebook page has to faculties ad breaks on Facebook page live. For that reason it's can be 4 minutes length. And it will be watched on a tine must be 300 people.

Facebook business money withdraw:
You can see you earn every day by Facebook business earn managers. Here you have to give your bank account description. For this monthly income, Facebook will be transferred in next month mid-time.