The amazing Successful career planning and development

If you want to build a success full career, you have to be create a planning. That can be fact of your development. Here I present three tricks. 

In world most people why they are poor? Is it for bad luck? Or Have other reason? Today I will discuss inspirational quotes. I have to collect this article from Robert Kiyosaki book “RICH DAD POOR DAD''

successful career planning, career planning and development
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1.    Right think Right Idea:
 This is the first inspirational quotes,Robert agreed with this as the educational system is the main rescues for the problem. As we learn of our educational system, that 10% wasn’t work in our practical life. So we have learned practical education from our parent or other. Here is one problem if our parent wasn’t the good one in the world. So they are teaching of his unkind how to get up rich replaced by how to be poor in life.  Because of they are learning about the culture from childhood. If any children fall a question of his parent, why are doing the study? Most of all parent give a simple answer, you should have to need a good job for that case you can earn huge of money.
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This speech says Robert Kiyosaki poor dad. He achieved Ph.D. but he doesn’t get happiness in his own life for just a few moments. But his rich dad actually his friend fathers say absolutely opposite word. He has to say, you need to learn to create a company as of where can work many employees.  Poor dad says you have to work for arriving money. Rich dad said you should have to do one of where money runs behind you. We have to wrong that, as we don’t get rich dad in our site we are following poor dad indication. But now the internet is so much easy, so we have to so hear search of rich dad. YouTube or internet describe huge amount of rice date. So we can learn easily about those.

2.    Maximum Asset – Minimum liabilities: 
successful career planning,career planning and development
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When you get a job, most of the people bought his hobbies evidence. Now I also define two words, one of asset and other liabilities. Assets mean material, who gives me money in my pocket. As like rent home, business and anyone that can give me money. Liabilities mean it is costing area. If you handle a bike or mobile that is bear hugs of costing. For example, you have needed to pack oil four days a week. This is called liabilities. They are the main fact to arise of a rich man. So can I not use Bike of expensive mobile? No! Thinking is absolutely wrong. You have needed to care about it. You will able maximum part for asset and minimum part for liabilities. I mean you have to be out fix amount of your income.  If you follow this way you must arise up one of time. But if you follow maximum = minimum that can’t give you success goal.

3.     Invest in passive income:
Income process maintains two was as active and passive. Active income means when you work you get money for this time. For example, it’s a shop. When it was open you just get a benefit for that time. When it closed its income doesn’t vary that. Passive income means, there if you don’t work every time, No problem your income active for every time. You have to create one to fill your dream.  If you work for active income,   it was likely for money that is doing poor dad. If you work for passive, here money works for you.  Rich dad would like following their own creating idea. Because of if you follow active work process, you can rise up in short life panel.
 If you maintain up 3 inspirational quotes, I think it's very helpful for everyone.