For Healthy Life, You Can follow Five Steps

Health is likely same to be the asset. If we don’t miss that we can’t understand about this value. When we feel large of the problem in our body, we thought about it very boring full. If we take care before the problem, we haven’t interfaced this problem. How many times are you spend on your phone? Must be huge of time we are spending. If you are using this time and energy you can get must be out of idea full better life. Today I will share five smart ways that can follow way very easy and beneficial.

1.   Sleep on your left side:

Healthy life advice

This picture gives a clear idea as to why we have to need sleep on left side. Stomach has a structure. When we are sleep on right side, our belly enzyme creates some problem. For that cause creating some problem as digestion problem, blood flow problem and make heartburn. Same to be when you sleep on left side, your enzyme work very fantastically. For that cause you have to get will digestion. 

2. Water drink reminder:
In busy life we are avoiding out water drinking routine. When I have to feel only thirsty, I have drink mineral water. That wasn’t better. For better health you have to drink huge of water.

3. Walk more:

Healthy life advice

World Health Organization says that “For healthy life one of man needs to cross 8000 leg every day. How many steps do you walk a daily basis? Everyone can’t give this answered very clearly. Lord Kelvin Say that “If you can measure it you can’t improve it. You have to maintain a routine for walking. You have to aware of this point. Please search of reasons as you can replace lift for search. Sometimes you can wake up in a bedroom. That’s enough!

4.    Chew food 32 times:

Healthy life advice

Ayurveda say that every sickness main rescues only him. If we are keep healthy belly that can make physical healthy. For right two ways can make your healthy stomach.
    don’t eat junk food.
    please keep up better digestion
This is two way can help you, if you are eating by chew food 32 times. Any junk food when you eat by chewing 32 times. You aren’t feeling better. If you are eat any proper food by chewing 32 times that can increase your proper test on your mouth. When you are chewing food 32 times, that food can’t be junk food. On the other hand when you eat any food by chewing that is 50% digest on standby.

5.    Create a healthy environment:
If our friends like to eat junk food and other section is a very cool matter they have to feel very boring with exercise. They are smoke everyday minimum 10-12 time. Some time try to colorful drink party. If you love that, you can follow their process for big health. On the other hand, if your friend character publishes opposite you can lead up that easily.  So when you create best friends you have to aware of their character. It must need awareness and as men understand health is the real wealth. And they practice it regularly.

If your fridge feels up with junk food as like cat berry or soft drink please stop it be quick. Because when your environment unhealthy, how can you expect healthy life? So you have needed to create as like an environment that can make your fresh health. Mind it every time “It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you”.

“Collected of Jibon Somossar Somadan”