Five smart ways to can use student free time and can get a strong career

Days we are spend our time with social media. If we are using our time and income by online, for that cause we have not need to put hand in our parent. When we are going to college life, everybody increase must be cost and then, every time take monies of parent very boring full. Thus if we are can income for our hand cost that is must give your tension free. So read be continued about this how can we solved our problem.

In college, time have huge amount resource as in time and energy. And money resource is very low in college life. For this reason, where is income able way by time and energy? We have found that and affect our work. Time and energy can make some passive income.

Smart idea no one: YouTube

Online Income Way
Student life, the of best income way YouTube panel. For generate passive income. YouTube is a big platform and very easy. For generating passive income no one easy way other because there hasn’t any ripen. You have to upload video weekly, monthly or everyday and they are haven’t any deadline. When you wish you can work with your passion. Next point investment. Here is no need to take any investment tension.  As you read the post i can sure that is your android phone and you have a network connection. If you want you can create video by using your phone. If you have laptop, that was very good for you. YouTube account and Ad sense you can create freely. So total investment recruitment zero. If your site get must of popularity, it’s just not help to income your pocket cost. Its can man way to handle family cost. YouTube Chanel you have to follow some rules.
1.    A topic you want to provide, it must be your favorite.
2.  You can do it better than normal. When you open a video, before YouTube present ads that share and define amount of YouTube founder and that add serve by Google ad sense. So you have to create ad sense account and link with your YouTube channel. If you want to learn about you can search you will best solution.

Smart Idea No Two: Affiliate Marketing
If you have social media account for example you have face book, Instagram some follower or friend. You can income by just post your link on your profile. You have to promote this link. and has a affiliate program option. Their first step you have to create a account of this site and must be free. Then next you have to choose any product link and posted your social media account. And then you have to need request of your friend. If they have to feel fresh as if they can buy this product by visit this site with this link. If anyone go with this link and buy a product between two hour. You will get this product precedence of their product. Because you are promote this link. But you have need to some follower as they believe you. At first you have to need to create that.

Smart Idea No Three: Freelancing

Online Income Way-recent world
As any work this typing, article writing, video editing, logo designing. As product you can provide your customer by online. If you are expert of any work, then you can go freelancing website for example as You care create a free account and provide your particular service. For income here is event. As service you want provide for example logo design. If any company needs to create logo he come of and search about it. Here they are choosing about your profile they can buy your product. Here minimum fee five dollars. This section have a problem, When you want to work with a freelancer you can’t get job surely and this work have a deadline. Firstly you have to take how much time because when you have good work and get positive result, that can increase your follow up. Because, every buyer want his project completed by expert and good one.  They are don’t prepared of new anyone.

Smart Idea No Four: Photography

Online Income Way-recent world
In internet time new photo demand increases very highly as it for an article of website or any presentation. For uses commercial, picture demand increase very quickly and it makes highly scope for income money. If you are love photography of you have a camera. It is your phone or other DA sellers. If you are the best to use that, in world have huge of stock photography website as or You can create a free account and can sell your picture.

Smart Idea No Five: Blog /Website
I have to last present this idea because when you create a website you have also some investment. It is having too huge of income more than other. If you fail to create a video, then you have better option Blogger. You can create free Google blog and write down on your exportable any topics. If you have investment way you can take a website domain by 3000 to. When your site increase visitor it’s can give your site SERPs top rank. Then you have to link to Ad sense account. That can make your money.
Main fact you can’t waste your time. Because when you wake up college life, you have to feel opportunities take your own responsibilities. For that reasons meaning full work better than wasted time. That can make your career or financial support because this is the best time wastes your time or energy for creating your career. Why passive income important? That said, T Harv Eker- “You become financial fee only when your passive income exceeded your expense.