How to stop masterburate habit for good of your life

It's very difficult how to stop masturbate habit for good of your life. Because this is very dangerous habit.
At first please say me that what is drug healthy or unhealthy? When you are receive a limited drug, its call a medicine. But when you use it excessive it can main cause your death. A scientific resource say that, ‘’ A strong drug heroin have to chemical change in your brain.  Same to be masturbation have to be chemical change in our brain. So some of scientist mind it is addiction like to be heroin. So if anybody addicts by that and want to come out, he has to need more willpower. Because it addiction reward was very strong full.
How to stop masterburate habit for good of your life
Masturbation is course for teenager- recent world

Every time a hormone flow into our body that is testosterone. It has to create our sex interest and this hormone can create our muscle. If you execration much of testosterone for that reason have to be bad effect of muscle building process. My agreed it was largest harmful way for masturbation our body.  When you are seeing porn video and masturbation, you like to feel the entire thing sex-related. For that cause when you saw anyone you have to though must be negative one. This is very embracing point. For that cause we are regretted that, “Iss, I am bad in day by day”. So I want to say that you have not regretted about it, because when you saw and doing that you have to feel same to be. When you think about anything positive, you have to failed positive emotion.  A businessman though about business related, Poet saw his poet ting beauty. So when we thought about any topic, we are some about related. As any way we want one of time come out of this addiction. It can because of physical site effect.  How can you get freedom?  I was seen about it for today.
How to stop masterburate habit for good of your life
Masturbation course of teenager-recent world
How to stop masterburate habit for good of your life? Three way. I also share it.
I am sharing it Power of Habit book. It’s writer by Carlz. He was said every person follow three step as it
1)    Trigger 2)    Routine 3)    Reward.
Every habit has a trigger and for that, because we are following a routine finally get a reward. This trigger type of 5 as
1.    Time as it day or night.
2.    Location for example alone of time is own bedroom.
3.    Emotion ( When you are feeling depression of boring)
4.    Person (you have to like watch Sunny Leon picture)
5.    Last action (After dinner you are going your bed).

This is five points, only one of the points can work for any habit as a trigger.  When have to be habit trigger, we are following a trigger. For example, we are open mobile and watch this video and feel out with masturbation. When we are following this routine, it was changing a chemical system in our brain and release dopamine. That is active our power circuit. For that cause, we are feeling pressure able. That feeling work of a habit reward. So we are understood that we haven’t control our habit and trigger. If we want we can’t change this easily because it’s natural and automatic. As the point was very controlling that was routine. If we want we can change our routine.
Masturbation is course of Teenage- recent world

Carlz though that, we can’t remove our strong habit very clearly. We can just replace by other habits. For replacement, we have to keep some trigger and reward and need to change of routine. As we have to need to change negative habit routine by positive habit routine. We have to change it day by day.

How to replaced Masturbation?

At first, you have to identify your routine because every person changes his routine by differentiation. As an example when you had completed your dinner and take a bedroom. Put out your phone and open a bad video. Where located we can be replaced? So please see, when you want to change you have needed a strong reason.
Then you can search for me or your own. You have need just download an app 30 days fitness challenge. This app gives you everyday an exercise target. Just you have to follow it. If you are addict by over masturbation you can over   it challenge. For this cause this app can help your target. Some of modern resource suggests that everyday ½ time masturbation healthy for you. So as I say you can change your routine one time. This helps give you every three day per a rest day.  This day you can follow your old routine. On three day when have to trigger this habit. You have to follow your old routine as take your phone. Then you should be open good one out of bad video. That is enough. When you play regional video it can help to decrease your sexual drives. You have needed don’t less your willpower. I am just describing an example. You need also find out better idea. If you have more than better idea you can share it please because it can helpful other. At last I want to say “DON’T BE A SLAVE, BE MASTER”.    
How to stop masterburate habit for good of your life
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