What is Asthma? Asthma Symptoms

The Greek language says that Asthma word meaning is Breathe Loudly.  Greek doctor Hippocratic discover at first Asthma word. Asthma patient feels so much sensitive in his lung rather than other. Because Asthma patient have to feel overdose sensitive. For kind any impress as dust, such as animal, cold and flower pollen etc. When it’s come too close, it’s can cause of affected your sensation. It’s disease event’s elimination fully. The world 300 million people suffer from asthma diseases.

If you discuss asthma, you must be observed that is the main cause of a genetic problem. The main source of asthma is allergic Disease. In this world have many allergic by genetic fact. So At first, you have needed to prevent this way to avoid allergic ally. A man can effect easily by dust, hot and cold environment are another different type of food.

Symptoms of Asthma
1.    You must be feeling heartbroken.
2.    You have to feel trouble breathing.
3.    Your heart will start bamboo skulking.
4.    You wouldn’t take breathe in your chest.
5.    When you work something you should feel heritage.

When any symptom of asthma published on the environment it’s called Allegation. Such as rescue for allergic, Insect animal, animal wool, Specific home dust, smoking, flower pollen, emotion or tension, cold environment, some food – Begun, Puishack, porn fish, relish fish, ripe banana, beef, dug egg and some of the painkiller medicine.

At list in this product not only cause asthma disease, but also very allegation has a different reason. Such as asthma is an allergic disease so we have to need to avoid allergic. This matter needs to care every parent. What food or rescue increase your children allergy, you have to focus this reason. Thus need to care with a doctor.