Donald Trump Life Details

Who is America King? This is a right answer, Donald Trump. He creates a big chance of world with America. He is a appreciate president in America. He is 45th and current president of America. He is a businessman and television personality. Now he is a great politician. He assumed with her office January 20th, 2017.His vice president Mike French. He would proceed by Barak Obama. 

Donald trump

Trump campaigned ‘’reform party nomination’’ 2000. The first time he gets a change 2015. But he defeated by sixteen opponent. Whatever, this comment takes out his populist, protectionist and nationalist.  Trump was elected president against Democratic nominee ‘’ Hilary Clinton’’. As he expected he doesn’t put out this by analytic. He is one of the only presidents in America her running age 70 per in 45th. Numerous protests are his election and politics sparked.

Trump life short details:

Trump was born June 14th, 1946 in New York City. He is fourth of five children. Trump at first went to school “Kew Forrest School”. When his age 13 he enrolled in the “New York Military Academy. In 1964 trump went to higher educational institute   “Ford ham University”. After 2 years he changes his university and starts his mission with “University of Pennsylvania”. Trump was inspired by his father as this “Even bigger and better”.

Trump Family:

Donald Trump Family

Trump has five children by three marriage as well as nine grandchildren. His first two marriages were divorce widely. Trump second girlfriend Marla Maples. After birth a son, they are married 1993. They were divorced in 1999. Trump third wife Melania Knauss. Their son name Barron Trump.

 Trump some debate work:

Trump appointed Neil Grouch to the Supreme Court, As this work very debate in this work. He very debate work, He had to ban travel to the citizen from several Muslim majority countries. His one of the debate work withdrew parish agreement. He is so much courtesy. North Korean leader Kim Jung UN has invited him for describing the new clue weapon program.

Donald Trump Religion:

Trump father side Lutheran in Germany and mother and mother side Presbyterian in Scotland. His parents married a Manhattan Presbyterian church in 1936. Donald Trump attends firstly Presbyterian Church. Trump” He doesn’t say any time god forgiveness.  The New York Time reported “That is heart was the right place, that his intention for the country pure.

Trump Business Details:

A reporter said that” Trump start the first business with a small transaction by a loan of one million dollars. Trump start a business with real estate development company “Elizabeth trump and sons”. When his father place of chairman, He gets a promotion up the president. He works at Manhattan development “palm beach state”. He created his own Trump Taj Mahal.

Trump Organization operated huge on the golf course. It’s total amount 18. Trump organization operated Hotel Outside New York. Trump losses point was very poor. He said that about his own personality. I have used the laws of this country to pare debts.  We’ll have the company.  We’ll throw into a chapter.  We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know” It’s like on the apprentice. It’s not personal. It’s just a business.

Donald Trump media career:

Trump was very popular in the book sector. He has to first publish Trump: The Act of the deal. One of time he reached “New York Time” Bestseller list and it's stayed about 13 weeks. Trump is a professional wrestling. His friend was a chairman of WWE and ‘’Vince McMahon”. Trump has made Wrestle Mania appearance on the following night. Trump has got awarded “Hollywood Walk Fame”. Trump has to make 12 films and his yearly pension $110000.

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