The best scientific revolution of Copernicus|Father of modern history

scientific revolution copernicus, father of modern history
Nicolas Copernicus-recent world

Nicolas Copernicus is the father of modern history. And the original scientific revolution of Copernicus. He is so much talent and extraordinary.Human was amazed by seeing sky, moon and other before civilization. Right this time scientist Copernicus was creating a new world. For this reason some time someone believes sky enemy is god. Sometimes one of recognition god and prayed them. But one of time human mind set up change by scientist idea and creating huge amount question. They are wanted to be search similarity world between planets. For this topic researches crest Astronomy Schemer. If they are don’t say specific date month and year. But they are can give clear idea about this. This astronomy first discover in China. But they are doesn’t published yet. For world change Foreshow man come he was Pythagoras.

 He has given at first idea as “World around of his own Circle. But this time anyone can’t accept this proposal. Then next come was Plato, Aristotle. Aristotle was creating one of decision out of exam. His idea say that world is standby he can’t move. He was though moon, sun, star, planet round of world circle. He also said moon has his own light. This idea human abides easily.  Next Scientist Timely was invention huge of information of Astronomy sector. His all information was absolutely working. He was said “World is a circle and it was round by similar to be circle. And sun with other all round by world circle.” Aristotle and Timely all idea human believe 1400 year. But anyone couldn’t present that was wrong. After Zeus’s born when writing Bible narration sees similar to be. So any want can’t want to say this regional break. But next one of time it was effective a clear idea. In this time Pope was king in Europe. Pope was a relational favorite man. So anyone can’t about Bible. I want to say he has to feel effective reset. In that   time come with lightly Nicolas Copernicus. Invention world one of favorite scientist Einstein had said “Copernicus was father of Astronomy.

Life History of Copernicus: 

Copernicus was born in Poland at Thorn City. Thorn is a city, its stand beside Baltic Sea at Bristol River. His father is a businessman. Copernicus mean standard. This is not the only name. He is actually standard, Attitude full, and very smart. In Kids seasons he was very interested in world Magnet, moon sun and other.  When he was 10 years old, he lost his father. His uncle Lucan Vulcan takes his all opportunities. His uncle has a large Library. He was read the book all day long. All of he had to read like History and Geography book. For his late father Interest, he was read by doctors. He was passed, doctors. But he has to feel the very interest in world surprise more than human body surprise. For that reason he decided, he will be going to Italy for achieving higher study. His Uncle permits him. For fix time he had to complete his study and join astronomy department as a profession. In that time Timely Theory is much text in astronomy. But Copernicus thinks about that and he has to feel something wrong.

Nicolas Copernicus-recent world

When he was read that part in a classroom, he was felt something wrong. For knowing real truth he was felt very interested. He was study about astronomy history and who personae are spoken about debate Timely. He has to read about very carefully. In that time Aristarchus, Leonardo the Vinci, Cupper Nicolas was believed that world was not standing. He had running. But he was saying Need to take out true by examination. This time wasn’t made. Lenses Glass. He was justifying by result day by day. Ever decide matter he has to entry by result. He was continued 30 years is their research. He wasn’t published his contribute yet. Popes Incuiginises was very dangers point more that general bible his rope by died. At the last stage he was published his all achieving in this sector, His attending Book ‘The Revolansionsive   Aervium. He was rote these of dialog. He has very interested proved but he don’t publish asset. He would publish short description.  Man thinks this is a joking story. He had to publish a book 1543. This book established a truth one. For this basis Galileo, keeper n. Lawton, Einstein create all new something in astronomy sector. He is not only a scientist. He also put out of Back. He had died 1543 21 May.

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