Natural remedies how to improve memory iq level and concentration

This the natural remedies to improve your  memory and concentration. Here you can know about how to improve your iq level. You may notice that some people can mind any topic very fantastic. They are learning anything very easily. And you have to feel anxiety because why you can remember anything than of him. No, your talent certainly isn't low. Everyone can’t remember anything some way. Because every man brain structure is not same. You have to follow some technique you can also increase your memory power.Here i present mind power increase tips So you are talent less. 
how to improve iq level, natural remedies to improve memory and concentration
Image of brain function
1. Meditation and exercise: 
When you wake up in morning you have to take your brush non dominated hand. Then you can do meditate. Most researchers say that when anyone takes a meditation it’s only refreshed your mood it’s also good for function. It also improves brain blood flow, concentration, and memory. The religion of Islam says if you keep your prayer for Allah you can get refreshment. It’s also helping your memory. You can keep exercise at 30 minutes in the morning time. Exercise doesn’t just keep your body active. It’s also keeping your brain active. When you are don’t take a good process. The brain cell may also be damaged. So keep your organ for your body running.
natural remedies to improve memory and concentration, how to improve your lq level
Image of meditation system
2. Reduce stress and remove your depression: 
When you are feeling anxiety, it can stop your brain work for some time. Which can have enough effect on memory losses? Depression increase Cortisol in your blood. When increase Cortisol, it’s also damage brain function.  To reduce all the mental stress including depression as far as possible.

3. Write down and eat nutritious food: 
It’s a very important thing for helping your memory. When you practice writing important topics you can remember easily. One time writing = 20 reading. It’s has scientific explain. When you would write anything, your blood flow increases your brain. To increase your brain function you must eat vitamin supplement. For increase brain functions take fresh vegetables, meat, milk, egg, and white bread. You have to avoid grave food and smoke.  They are very harmful to the body. They are terrible damage your brain.

4. Teach and learn: 
If you want to learn, teach it to learn and teach it to other. When you teach you can find out shortcoming acceptable question. Teach is again by another you can share you through with other and something new. Then it will last forever in your memory. As soon as possible you see him the matter will come to your memory.

5. Ensure adequate sleep:

This is the very important step for everybody. As a man you have to sleep must be 8 hours about a day. A nice sleep can be made your brain more effective. When you sleep, the information of brain has been proceeding recent time. Sleep is called memory charger. During sleep your memory ready to catch information.  So you can increase your memory by regular sleeping. 

It’s possible to achieve everything through practice and effort can be taken to increase memory capacity.  
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