National poet of bangladesh| Kazi nazrul islam biography

The national poet of bangladesh is very popular person in world. Here we have to present about kazi nazrul islam biography

Bangladesh national poet name of Kazi Nazrul Islam and he was one of the best personalities of literature, society, and culture of undivided Bengal. Nazrul was born 1306 year of Bengali 11 Zastho (24 May 1899). He was born in West zone of a leader of Masjid. Nazrul nickname was “Dhukhu Mia”.
Kazi Nazrul Islam Biography, National poet of bangladesh
Kazi Nazrul Islam-recent world

Kazi Nazrul Qualification:
Nazrul wasn’t passed any higher education. But impressive point that takes higher degree by name “Kazi Nazrul Islam”. He also passed the lower primary examination from village market. The present description says that after passed for someday he has to teach Maktob. At the same time for his father absence work by a Khadem at mosque and Mazar. After someday pasted he gets a chance leave this job and adjusts with Letto Team.  1911 He has come back in Zilla of Bordhoman at Thana Mongol code at Nobin Candra Institute in class six. When he was passed at class six he had left this school and start a tourist life. Next he had work a bread stall. In that time he was affectionate by Encprctor Kazi Rofiz Ullah. He had taken a school for Nazrul at Darirampur high school in class seven. In that case he was award of brilliant.  But after one year examination he had leave this city and don’t come back again. for that reason ended his educational career.

Life Simple Details

national poet of banghladesh, kazi nazrul islam briography
 kazi nazrul islam
1917 Nazrul was joining military. Firstly he had to attend Kolkata at Ford William.  Next he was going for training of Norosharay. After training, he was permitted to join Karachi. He stayed military life only 2 years 6 month. When he stays Karachi home, He wrote Probasi, India World, Varoti, Manos, Mormobani, Green Letter, Sawgadh. When he was military, he has been after First World War.

1921 he would meet a friend Ali Akbar. For Exaited point him with Biraz Sundori Home. Heare he was married, Promila Devi.  For a new generation, he works beside a Betar. 1942 He was felt sick. He stopped his mouth speaks. For him, they are taking treatment of Homeopathy and Ayurveda. 1942 he lost his mind existent. 1952 poet and poetry take out a mental hospital. Poet has stayed in this area only for a month. 1953 May Nazrul and Promilla for treatment in London. Some of the doctors try to give him best treatment. They are Rasel Brain, William Sagient, and Macskisk. They are meeting 3 times with Nazrul.

A group indicated that as Nojrul was suffering, this is Invouestional Sarcoidosis. This is very alternative doctor Sir Dr. Hance Hof. He had reported very unfortunate one. At list all over knowing that it can be doing alive in the world.
1971 Bangladesh was independent in the world. 1972 May 24 Bangladesh President presents a proposal of India president. They have accepted this proposal and Bangladesh president takes out normal in Bengal. They are going to democratic 1976. Life last moment was crossed in PG Hospital at a Bed. One of time he was writing, ‘’Mosjider Oi Phase Amar kobor Diyo Vai Jeno Ghore Bose Muajjiner Azan Sunte Pai”. For this case His body state in beside Dhaka University Mosque. For his janaja attend 10 thousand people.  

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