Amazing steve jobs background biografi and success story

Steve jobs is CEO of apple company. Here we also describe about his background, biografi and success full story
Steve Jobs biografi, Steve jobs background
Image of Steve Jobs
A surprise name of the world Stiffens Paul Jobs. If we note that in world top ten one of the successful man, who are stiffen jobs. His success behind has huge amount hard work, obstacle and sacrifice. We can follow him. He was born on 24 February 1955. He was American entrepreneur and business magnate.  He is a success chairman CEO and co-founder of apple. He also chairman of neXT. Jobs were born in San Francisco California.  He was rising are San Francisco Bay area. Next, Paul and Cara Jobs adoptive him. But his basic parents Jean Carrol and Fatah Zandali. Jobs had to go to the school of Cupertino junior high school and home said high school. At the same time, he attended his late Packard Company lecture.  He was getting good colleague Ogniac. He was attending a calligraphic source. For this course jobs say “I didn’t attend the process, Mack wasn’t full fill”

Working life: 

1974 jobs come back to California. In that time he regularly attended Hombrid computer club meeting with his friend Ogniac. He was first to take a job company of game artery for a technician. For taking out of knowledge he was going to India and accepts of Boudho religion.  When he has come back to India, he was back with a new face. He was wearing traditional dresses. His brain had out of hair. He back again at artery and made the circuit board for a video game back out.  Every cheap they are a proposal by 100 dollars. His has the deferent type of knowledge on the circuit board. He created a mad ship to equal with Ogniac.{steve jobs biografi, background and life story}

Atari engineer amazed for Ogniac work. He was using every circuit only 60 cheap. At last, we know that Artari payment 700 dollars (the proposed ability of 5000) for wing telephone network they are invention ton. Ogniac was made low coasted “Blue Box” That cause we can communicate very far easily. Job decides they are selling that illegally. There illegally “Blue Box” continues well. This is the main inspection for creating an apple.

Apple Establishment:

Steve Jobs Biografi, steve jobs background
Apple Logos
The 1998 year a meeting Jobs said, “How was made Blue Box? They were understood for 6 months. He also said that if Blue Box doesn’t make, not to created apple. He also said it’s was the main invention that was said. Its can rather than other large company.1996 Ogniac was first made apple 1. Jobs give him decisions for sell. Then they are adding with him Ronald Oyen for sell. They were made this jobs home garage. Ronald Oyen stays for some day. Mike Macula had help with his money.  1983 jobs were proposal “Pepsi Collar” chief executive Zone Scalish for accepting apple Opportunities. Jobs was said that Are you want life future time past by sale sugar water? Or want you come with me and change this world? 1977 Rob Jonov has created a rainbow logo for Apple.  It was used in 1998.

{steve jobs biografi, background and life story}

Apple is the playground for Steffen jobs:  

For company problem, he was firstly retired 24, 1984.  2005 when he attend Stamford university invention program, He was said, “Apple was the best case in his life. He said the burden of success was cut in the restoration phase. He was helping me to enter the most creative part of my life. He also said I am pretty sure that mean nothing happen if I were expelled from apple”.  It was like a drug as a patient I have needed it. 1996 apple was announced for boy neXT as 427 Billion markin dollar.  Last, as of 1996, it got the final promotion. For this result, apple assistance Jobs have come bake in Apple Company. 1998 March for made a beneficial company, Jobs were closed out of the relationship with Newton, Siberdog, and Open doc. The 2000 year jobs are the chief executive officer of this apple. 2007 June 27 I phone come out of the market and start a mobile business. Jobs have got both of award and criticism for his expertise in selling the product. He was retired in 2011 for the health problem.  But he was attending with the chairman.  After announced few hours past share market lost 5%of Apple Company. 

Steve Jobs Award

2011 for the name of Steve Jobs 342 million create the new invention of America.  1985 Steve Jobs first get award  “National Model of Technology “.Markin US Famous Time Magazine 2011 announced 32 people. “Person of The Year”. These lists bellow of Barak Obama, Angela Markel, Silvio Berlusconi and Lionel Messi other. Steve jobs stay with this name. He has died for Phreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor on October 5, 2011 (age 56).
He is a memorable person in the world. We can’t forget him. We can him; he is learning much in our life.