Ya ba is a curse of World and it’s a Mental Medicine

Ya ba is a curse of world
The world nation is addiction a big course. It’s divesting our younger existence. It’s called Ya ba.Its size is very small but it’s a drug. It can be crushed with our younger and world nation peaceful. At today Ya ba hauls by authorities run into billion of the tablet around the world. First time its take like to feel very fresh and then teenage want to take more than time easily. He likes to feel addiction of Ya ba. Ya ba addiction could not promotion in other sites because one time it can build a mental. This drug addiction comes do prod lasting 6-10 hour. Many user reports, it takes them up to 24 hours. After consumption, you have to be feeling asleep. Its user basically male but that time it’s crossed there the limitation in the world. There has huge of user female. It’s not uncommon for the sex worker.

What is Ya ba?                                         

Ya ba is a mental medicine
Ya ba produced tropically its round pill farm. They are many different kinds of Ya ba. It has too many colors likely green, orange, and red. It is bear a logos ‘R’ Or ‘WY’. That has a setup size roughly 6 millimeters (0.24 in). That is called another name as India called it “Bhul Bhulia”. Philippine and Indonesia call it “Shabu”. In North Thailand often referred to “Chocolate”.  Due to when anyone takes it he felt his sweet leaf, tasty and strong chocolate smell. China uses this name “Ma-Goo”.They are other name is Katha, Maru, and WY etc. Ya ba tablet consumes orally. Ya ba tablet paced into aluminum foil. This tablet also administrated by crushing with by powder.

Physical Effect of Ya ba:

Ya ba is a curse of world
If anyone takes first time Ya ba, Initially he feels a sense of euphoria. He felt become energy in her body. Like too good for the short time. Have a nice feel and want to take next one be quick. After short time use, he will feel some problem in her body. As it
    Related pupils
    Increased Heart rate
    Loss of appetite
    Blood pressure must be high.
Ya ba affected a body for a long time. It takes health toll and rapid determination of your health.  Yaba can be mental for your mind, hair loss; liver loss, kidney effect, skin, and tremors, cardiac, an arrest must be the hitch.  Anyone can divest by taking Ya ba. It’s a big alarm in life. Need to be quick operation as soon as possible.   

Ya ba addiction nature:
If you had any addiction, you know that better. It’s dangerous for health but you could not leave this because of addiction. Its damage your health but you can’t be proponents. If you are tried to leave this you will feel crazy. Same to be Ya Ba! Ya Ba addiction man feels crazy when he wants to withdrawal that. He becomes feels too much emotional. He has to feel very weak. He tries to cry and he felt thought out suicide common.
Yaba is a curse of the world

Out of way Ya ba addiction:

Ya Ba addiction overcomes very hard but good result possible. First of all early intervention help put out very carefully. As any addiction Ya Ba patient quitrent can go him a professional cabin. Ya Ba is the mixture of Math am histamine and caffeine. So you can take alcoholic anonymous (AA) or narcotics anonymous.  It can help your Ya Ba addiction decrease. For batter of all, you should be go a specialist doctor and take careful treatment.
Ya ba is crazy medicine. So as a man we have needed to avoid this, Because of its damage our all and not give any gain.  Ya ba is a curse of the world and our younger Future.