“Universe of African fashion”

There are 7 continents in the universe. Every continent different from there and also differentiation could be dividing between continents.  Evenly that is different group from another group. These are man's behavior and geographical environment. Fashion means we know that Cutler, vogue, clause, attitude, shape, etiquette, tricks, movement, currency, modes. We have to see huge of differentiation between continent fashions. Something similarity we are seeing between continents. But Africa continent is different other. As like fashion are very separate from Asia, America, and Australia other continents. Today I will describe Africa fashion. Now we have to know something about Africa acquainted.

universe Fashion of Africa

Africa is the world's second largest and second most-populous continent. At about 30.3 million km including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20% of its total land area. If you stay on African soil 97% of what’s under your feet has been in place for more than three hundred million years. At that time Africa has seen pretty much everything – from proto-bacteria to dinosaurs and finally, around five to 10 million years ago, a special kind of ape called Australopithecus, that branched off and walked on two legs down a separate evolutionary track.

African fashion is various and manifold. Consulting of various countries that each have own unique characterizes from the continent of Africa. Africa fashion is expressed in its art, cuisine, music, clothing Religion of language. Some of the similarity must be acceptable. Africa had been influenced by continent because there behind of other continents. They are using start continent fashion by leave own fashion. But right now government takes some steps that can Alive African fashion existence. They create national dance and music, group, museums and to a lower degree, artist, and writer.

Every human fashion had their religion represent and social fact of verities culture of Africa. Likely other civilization and fashion are to say their existence. There are believed of the prophet of Mohammad and Jesus.  According to pygmy myth, “There are seeing a tree with loud sound and create a boat for safe human as sincere of and flooding of flood curse man. There hasn’t looked any existence. World start a new time with all sincere man”
A Kenyan boy or girl like to very much folk dance. Folk is an important role the African fashion. They think that the way children learn about their fashion. Africa used in certain tools for folk as Dido phones, such as dry. Africa plays of their story by the ethnic group telling them. There are many types of African story as animal tales and day to day tales. Animal tales more oriented toward and a lesson to them. African story has a certain struck.

universe fashion of Africa
There is the different type of cloth. When they are making new cloth they are used sham ma for Husba Cummings. A man used a pant with a knee-length shirt with white collars. Man, as well as a woman, wears shawls the retina. There is used traditional cloth for Julus fashion program. They would be wearing mosaic traditional cloth named Mata vulvae while programming ad emu. African Muslim wearing every time their traditional dress.


universe fashion of Africa-recent world

African eats the different type of bird, fruits as well as milk and meat product. However, cow’s milk is very rare and cannot be locality. Some of the time they are eating cassava root with grill meat and sauces. They eat chicken and beef with a different type. They are used for eating four leg animals as we don’t want.

African traditional music is called sub-Saharan. They think sub-Saharan can be seen on music from as samba, jazz, rhythm and blue, rock and roll, salsa and ray music. They are bearing their fashion with their music. There has some different musical tradition as a string, horn, and very little poly. There is main divisional language as Afro- Asiatic, Niger-Congo. African people used 100 over language for published minding.  Among there used Arabic Swahili, Husa, English, Spanish, French and other.

African loves their fashion so passing time they are not forgiving their fashion. They are building a strong relationship with her cutler and fashion. Its natural study for us but we can’t do that. We have needed to care of our fashion.