"Today is world Malaria Day"

Today is world malaria day. At this time phase, "We have to proponent malaria we are prepared''. To keep awake every year in world arrange that celebrate in this day. Malaria is an illness of old and very dangerous for everyone. Very strong country Roman was divesting for malaria. Greek Military every time to lost malaria.  Malaria was monitored of Sex prior 8 part dramas. This is exploitation ever papyrus and Sumerian Kewnifrom tablet. World pre-people say that "Aleksandar the Great military bear this malaria at first in the world". First of 1900, Europe, Africa, America, Asia other all infected by malaria. In this time we are everyone fight for decrease malaria. 
Malaria mosquito


The Mosquito all illness major from malaria. Malaria is a plasmodium group microbial. It's crossed around by female an anaphoric.  Only one mosquito can give you malaria. When any addiction mosquito bit anyone, malaria entered in a body by blood and attracts him.  If this addiction man gives anyone her blood he can be infected by him. If any pregnant addiction with malaria, this woman baby have to stand dangerous point because there change 90% by the mosquito. This is mosquito’s malaria, there are bitten in evening to morning time. As people live in malaria-affected area and visitor have to change disease by malaria.

You feel your bodies a vibration, when you incomprehensible by a mosquito. You will feel fever sickness. This can be crossed limited to 105-106 Fahrenheit. It's must become how much time by step by step intermission, its can stay your body 3-4 hour and when it’s gone you feel like to perspiration. You also feel a low and high vibration in your body, feel you must be a headache, sleep no come to the point, and feel your abdominal pain. Shuffle thirsty and other symptoms you must be feeling it.

Malaria Treatment Way:

If you like to feel malaria when you checked it the first time you are could not say that. You have needed to test that after every three days. If this taste report call that you are comprehensible by the mosquito in malaria please go to a medical doctor or government health center

To Prevent of Malaria:

malaria symptom
Malaria prevents Tika is not the invention at that time in the world. But some way we can clearly divest in. If you want the protection of mosquito you have to need to take awareness. Need To use mosquito safety to prevent mosquito bites. That's why we have needed take some step-
For example, when you sleep in day or night you should use mosquito safety for your safety. You should be a use of mosquito prevent net and use a spray in windows and door. You have to awake in beside dust pond, as mosquito did come to be growth. For Divest mosquito home you would like to use carousing and medicine. When you visit any tour of malaria area you should be awake previously.  You can bear with you malaria postponed medicine. If we are expected our health all we need to care about practically that.