Water is another name of Life


We know everybody clearly that water is the very important thing. Water can save our lives. We can’t think our existence without water. This world earth 71% covers by water. Anyone, we have needed to drink minimum 3-4 liter water per day by tackle our body. Within drinking, anyone can survive just only dream. If anyone wants to stay in this world there need must be water. You can call it another name is water.

what is water
Water is odorless, colorless and tests less chemical substance they are the main constituent of earth stream, lake, Ocean, and rivers. Its chemical formula Is H2O. It’s meaning that each of its molecules contains oxygen and 2 hydrogen atoms that are connected by covenant bond. It also occurs in nature as snow, glaciers, Ice pack and icebergs, clouds, fog dew, aquifer and atmospheric humidity.

It’s vital for all known form of life. On earth, 96.5% of the planets crust water is found in seas and oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and the ice cap of Greenland. River, Lake, Oceans give only 0.3% fresh water for Drinking. It’s very small amount for us.

Why call water for life?

Water plays an important role in the world economy. We are used 70% of fresh water for agriculture. Water has how much important necessity.  Water does more than just regulated your body temperature. It’s also moist your body tissue. You know that when you feel dry your eyes, nose of, mouth! your sensitive area as well as in the blood, bone, and brain when you used water. Water helps your bodies protect the spinal cord, as a lubricant and cushion for your joints. That’s clear notifying that water protects your tissue, spinal cord and joint.

Water helps removes your body waste:

water benefit
The kidney and liver used it to help flush out waste as do your intestine. Water can key you from getting constipated by softening your stools and helping your food move to inside. However, It’s should be noted when you drinking any liquidate, it must be helpful of bodies. There are finally notified that water help removes your body waste and keep your fresh mind.

Water is Main of Digestion:

Digestion start will saliva the easiest of while is water. Proper digestion can make your bodies nutrient and mineral. Water helps easily to digest and made a perfect wealth. Water prevents you from becoming dehydrated.

Other Benefit

There have other good benefits as its need widely used in the industrial process in cooking and washing. Water is used for some sports intermission and another form of entertainment such as swimming, racing and sports fishing and driving. To know more about water benefit, visit this site or click this video.

Water can be our life divesting:

Polluted Water-recent world
  As water is very important our life, same to be water would be alarming for our life divesting. Water pollution is the very important thing for us. Water polluted by throwing waste into river canal and ditches. Its can pollute by farmer used chemical, fertilizer insecticide in their field to grow more food. Clean water is safe for use but polluted water is harmful to man. If we want to prevent water pollution we have maintain some way. Likely fatal diseases like diarrhea, dysentery; cholera are the effect of water pollution. Polluted water threatens the existence of human life on earth.  So we have the need for basic uses as water. Need to care of water and be careful as we will don’t pollute our life safe water.

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