Banana is Testy Fruits and So Much Healthy

Banana -
Banana is a tasty fruit. It’s one of the beneficial fruits for human health. You can eat this by delicious and cooking. In some country banana used for cooking may be called plantain like to use dessert banana.  Banana has how many colors as green, yellow, purple or brown when ripe. Our farmer this fruit grow in cluster hunting when it invention the next to be quickly promotion other countries. But right now banana is grown in minimum 107 countries. This fruit world racks no four. American member consumes banana more than apple and orange. Banana source of two wild spices- Musa Araminta and Musa Louisiana.   

About Banana Plan:
The one of biggest banana source herbaceous flowering plan name is Banana. The banana plant grows from a structure like “Corm” Banana grown is verity soil as long as it deepest 60cm.

Banana fruits-recent world
The leaves are banana composed of a “stalk”. Banana weight different minimum 2 meters and still should 2 miters when the banana plant is mature the crop storm producing with new leave and being too from flower spike. Must be are with the strike. How is two kind of type flower and of a female as it creating for making fruit?This is not helpful for our but it needs to maintain the natural climates. The ovary ’s inferior, meaning that the tiny petal and other flowers. Parts appear at the tips of an ovary.


Banana narration fact:

Banana health Benefit-recent world
According to the US, food and drug administration hear I presentation the banana narration fact. There has must be care full research base all details for a sub:

Why good for health?
Processing fresh mood:   
Banana has high-level tryptophan. That can convert your body to the secret mode and build strongest. The tryptophan in banana is well known for its sleep-inducing properties.

Weightless and Digestion: 
Banana is high in the starch resistance. A 2017 review published in nutrition bulletin. They say a banana is one of helpful for control your blood sugar. Resistance starch increases the production of short chain fatty acid in the gut. Which are necessary to gut health.{a/c}

One banana can provide for you 10% daily fiber recruitment. Vitamin B6 can also help protect ageist type to diabetes aid in weight loss. The banana test is very sweet which help curb craving. So it can help easily for healthy weight loss.

 A 2012 study published in PLOS one looked at male athletes competing in a long-distance cycle race. When compared athletic refilling with a banana and water every 15 minutes. Specialist says that athletic performance time and body physiology are the same in case. But the banana improves dopamine and serotonin in athletic.

Banana health Benefit-recent world

According to 2009 athletic in the journal of the physiology of biochemistry banana contain an abundance of fructify oligarchs charades. There is non negative carbohydrate that encourages digestive friendly robotic and each the body ability to absorb calcium.

A 2005 Swedish study found that they are cut 70% of the surviving risk and 40% cancer risk. Women eating four to six bananas a week halved their risk of developing kidney cancer.
The study published by the royal society that the potassium is bananas is correlated with a woman giving birth to giving baby boys. So we found a new paint by eating a banana.
 There has how much good effective passion as a banana help for diabetes, its help to develop your vision. If you eating a banana every day your eye develops be quick.

Health Risk by banana:
Banana is good for health but some time there has other side effects. As much I will show this site effect for overeating. “the amino acid in bananas that delete blood Vessel” Overripe banana contains more acid.  Sleep is very good but overeating banana can give your most uneasy full sleep. Some of the time it can be made lazy our body.

According to NiT consuming more than 500 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily can possibility load to neuronal in the arm and legs? You would have to eat thousands of bananas to reach that level of vitamin B6.

“So this is very good for health”
“Need to must be eating for health”
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