Formalin are Curse of World Nation

Formalin is curse of world nation

Formalin is a panic name in the world. Its terrible effect is increasing in the world. Formalin is very harmful to in world anything. Generally, we are effect by formalin base food. It’s been used for to prevent the reproduction. Water and carbon create this microbial. We have to need to alive of this curse rather we are divesting by this harmful effect. Formalin is one of the causes of illness.

What Is Formalin?
Formalin has created by formaldehyde. It’s natural and its formula CH2O – the common name of this comes from the formic acid. Formalin is an important material and chemical compound. In 1996 formaldehyde was estimated 8.7 million per year.

This can be addiction your Tissue fixative, It’s main creation for usage for industrial resign. Formalin was first reported 1969 by demist Aleksandr Butler. Add that description 1869 August Wilhelm Von Hoffman.  Naturally, it’s creating for usage industrial application, Organic synthetic application, Disinfectant, and ecocide, Excessive sweating treatment, drug testing, and photography.

How can I target its base of formalin?
Formalin wasn’t a high price. It’s very cheap. One of time when you want a market, you will show must be huge. But now it’s not to see legally. Market best food milk powder it’s affected by formalin. Formalin has huge of harmful effect in this world when it comes inside your bodies. Firstly its way prevent your liver and adjust with your liver engine and make formaldehyde next it creates to formic acid.

Formalin Effected Man
This medicine has to very harmful to our bodies. When it increases into your body this creates metabolic acid. It’s spoiled your body’s tissue by creating asides base and ironic. In that time you will feel very much problem in your digest and make diarrhea, Ulcer, and other dramatics. The event can create your liver cancer when you eat formalin base fruit or anything. It’s an effect of lung damage, sneezing cough, shortness, of breath and asthma disease. You can effect with lung cancer.

What about Formalin Effected and harmful:

Formalin fruits and police
Basically, formalin uses fruit to prevent this reproduction. Fruits have to bear a huge amount of price. So it needs to collect a long time for sale. If they are using formalin for keeping it must be disease standard this quality. How process for used prevent fruits as I can be elected that easily.

1. When you see any fruit, you have to check this fruit head. If you feel aroma smell it’s can identify formalin. Fruit have to bear a natural scent.

2. When you saw any fruit must be yellow. You have to think it’s a medicine base fruits. Fruits ha a natural color as it’s mixed with yellow and green. Mind it medicine ripe fruit can’t give you a natural taste.

3. Basically after fruit rope when you take in your fruit must be rotting. But formalin fruit doesn’t rot.

4. Natural fruit on has Bee must be but at this time it’s doesn’t look on our fruit.

Formalin divests our dream. Formalin is very dangerous medicine for human life. We have to need to awake about this. Thus our president attends some low about this but if we don’t awake about our opportunities, we can’t put out of this curse. Ten battle strong friendships can make our perfect think.